PS5 Slim: Expandable Storage Confirmed


According to a PlayStation spokesperson, there will be no alterations with the new model.

This means that users can continue to follow the process of removing the back cover panel to manually install an additional SSD.

The PS5 Slim outperforms the launch model in terms of memory, boasting 1TB of internal SSD storage, compared to the original model's 825GB (of which only 667GB was usable).

Retaining support for expandable storage is a notable advantage for prospective buyers of the redesigned console.

In light of the sizable file sizes accompanying many blockbuster games on Sony's ninth-generation console,

the option to incorporate an M.2 SSD for expanded storage remains a valuable feature.

This is especially relevant considering a recent software update enabling support for up to 8TB of additional SSD storage.

However, it's important to note that not all M.2 SSDs will work with the PS5 Slim.

Sony's requirements stipulate that the M.2 SSD must be PCIe Gen4, with a minimum read speed of 5,500MB/s.

Although these specifications have been outlined, some users have successfully employed M.2 SSDs with slower read speeds in the console.