Character.AI Unveils Group Chats with Multiple AIs


Character.AI, a chatbot startup supported by a16z and led by former Google AI researchers, has unveiled a new feature for its subscribers.

Known for providing customizable AI companions with distinct personalities and tools for personalization, Character.AI now offers a group chat experience.

This feature, called "Character Group Chat,"

allows users to engage in group conversations with both human friends and AI characters simultaneously.

Users can explore various chat dynamics, from having AI scientists engage in discussions to creating themed group chats around topics like travel,

gaming, or book clubs, with AI companions enhancing the conversations.

While adding AI chatbots to group chats isn't a new concept, Character.AI aims to provide a unique and engaging experience.

Initially, this feature is exclusive to subscribers, the startup's $9.99 per month plan, but it plans to introduce it to the general public later.

The Character Group Chat feature is currently available on the Character.AI mobile app for iOS and Android, with plans to expand to the web.

Character.AI's app has been rapidly gaining users, with an estimated 30 million monthly active users worldwide.